Come and See, Go and Tell

It has been more than four years since I made my first trip to Palestine with a tour group led by my friend Sr. Paulette and her ministry Project Peace.  Now here I sit at Toronto airport with Paulette and a new group of travelers.  I promised I’d go back some time, because I knew I hadn’t yet accomplished what I’d set out to do back in 2013.  Daoud Nassar, a Palestinian farmer/activist from Tent of Nations near Bethlehem, had challenged us back then:  “Come and see; go and tell.”  I had come and I had seen, but I still had not done enough to tell what I had learned.

On the first leg of our journey today as we flew from Columbus to Toronto, I took out my journal from my first trip and read the detailed notes from the people we had interviewed.  I was fascinated by their stories of nonviolent resistance in the face of oppression, and now I’m ready to learn more.  And so I promise to write a few blogposts as I travel in the next ten days.  I hope you will join me for a virtual journey through Israel/Palestine, as we visit with Muslims, Christians, Jews, bishops, rabbis, UN officials, Bedouins, villagers, farmers, and more.

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For now, we are gathering our energy here in the food court as we prepare for a 10+ hour flight to Tel Aviv. Talk to you later!





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